Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Las Vegas

I live in Las Vegas and have lived here my whole life. If anyone is planning a trip here and has some questions here is my email and I will try to help you. Thanks

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alaska Honeymoon

7 Day Alaska Cruise

Sailed with Norwegian Cruise Line

Ship Norwegian Pearl

May 20- 27th, 2007

We left Sunday Morning and flew to Seattle. We arrived in Seattle, found our bags, grabbed a taxi, and were off to the port. It was of course raining. I actually saw the ship from the plane. Are taxi cab ride was only about 30 dollars. We walked in to the cruise terminal and waited about 30 minutes and were able to get on the boat. We ate and explored the ship. We went to the Spinnaker Lounge grabbed some comfy chairs and watched us take off. We had an inside stateroom because my husband told me that we would not be in our room that much. (He went on his senior trip on a cruise and they were not in there room a lot) We ended up in our room a ton. We took so many naps because we did not know what time it was. The room was nice. No complaints.

DAY 2- Sea Day

We spent most of the day in the Spinnaker Lounge whale watching. It was very relaxing. We also gambled which was lots of fun since I am not old enough to gamble and I live in Las Vegas. We ended up winning some and taking it to the front desk to put on our account. We booked some excursions and ate at Cagney's Steak House. It was really good. It cost $40 for the two of us. It was delicious. Just like the best steak house in Vegas but without the price tag.

Day 3- Juneau, Alaska

We went to the Spinnaker Lounge to watch us dock into Juneau. There was airplanes flying around. We were both excited. We got off the boat and went to find our excursion. We decided to do the zip lines. We waited on the bus and then were told we were the next time to go so we got off and sat by a giant anchor. We finally got on another bus and drove thru Juneau and went to some boats on the other side of town. We boarded a small boat and went to this little shack. (my batteries were starting to die in the camerea) We got fitted for gear. We were also able to take are video camera with us. We took a little ride up the mountain and walked a bit. This is where we started. It was tons of fun. The people were so great and we even got medals afterwords. On the boat ride back we saw a bald eagle on a bouy. We got dropped off in town and did some shopping for batteries and went to look at the tram. It was costy so we decided not to do it. They had buses picking you up for free to take you back to the ships. That night we ate at Summer Palace. It was nice and very pretty views of Juneau.

Day 4- Skagway, Alaska

In Skagway, I chose the 2 mile hike and river raft down the river. We got off the boat and sat and watch the anchor slowly come down. We waited for 45 minutes and then took a van ride about 20 minutes away to Chilkot Trail. On the way we saw about 25 bald eagles and some seals. We started the trail where I learned that there is no snakes in Alaska. I was thrilled. The trail was rather easy for us being young. We stopped for a water break. I really wanted to see a bear but it was a little early. We saw bear poop (which i think was planted) and a tree with old bear scratchings. We got to the boats and changed our shoes into boots and put life jackets on. We got into the boat and were off. There was about 9 of us in the boat. Our guide was the one to control the boat. There was no white rapids it was calm and relaxing. We saw bald eagles nests, and one house. We reached our end and there was cookies and juice waiting for us. We got back in the van to go back to the ship. We decided to eat lunch on the ship and then got back off to do some shopping.

Day 5- Cruising Glacier Bay
A park ranger boarded the ship and narrated while we drove thru. It was very cold. The deck was packed full of people. My batteries were dying again so I ran to the photo shop to buy some very expensive batteries. The man tried to tell that the batteries I was about to buy were going to fry my camera. He wanted me to purchase these more expensive ones. I said no but was kinda annoyed. The glacier was so cool. It was amazing that our ship could maneuver in there. He spun the whole ship around so each side could get a view. After lunch we had spa arrangements. We arrived and went to get changed. I could not help but sit in a chair at the front of the ship for a bit. We then went to the hot tub before they called our names. The massage was good (couples massage) but the whole thing was about 200 dollars. We went to the hot tub again and then decided we were done.
Day 6- Ketchikan
We awoke to being in Ketchikan. This was my favorite port. It was raining. We ate breakfast and went shopping. We had bought lumberjack tickets. So made our way to the show. They had covered seating, heating, and dollar popcorn with hot chocolate. I loved the show. Afterwords you were able to take pictures with the lumberjacks. We had to go back to the ship since it was time. I wish we would of had more time there. I did not get to go to Creek Street. We went bowling later in the afternoon on the ship. It was fun. Later that night in the casino we met a couple from Boston. We hung out and they invited us to dinner in Le Bistro the next night.
Day 7- Victoria, Canada
This stop was so pretty. Our Captain backed our boat up in the dock while the other ships just pulled in. It was funny. I booked the horse trolly ride thru Victoria. I did not know that my husband was allergic to horses so he was horrible. I had so much fun though. We got to see heritage houses, parliment, and a giant tiki. Then my camera died again. (Good news I have since bought a new one!!) We got back did a little shopping right by the boat and went to ship to shower before dinner. Le Bistro was very nice and good. I did like Cagney's Steak better though. We went back to pack our bags. It was very sad.

We saw tons of shows and went to the casino a lot too. Some of the shows we saw were Second City Comedy they were good. Sea Legs I left half way thru. A Juggler guy he was good. The orientation show and the staff talent show. We went and watched the Newlywed Show to. I really wanted to be on it but did not get chosen. I really enjoyed all the food. The chocolate buffet was really cool. The sculptors they make were amazing. The food was okay there. I really enjoyed having a station on the tv that was the front of the ship.

Alaska Pictures

St. Louis/ Southern Illinois

April 2007

We went on a quick 3 night 4 day trip to visit family before our wedding but it was a new experience for us. We flew into St. Louis and drove into Southern Illinois to a few small towns. Then on our last day we went sightseeing in St. Louis.

Historical bridge outside of Chester, Illinois.

We went to Chester, Illinois this is where the maker of popeye lived. They have a popeye statue and a popeye museum. Really old stuff in the museum. We also went and saw the Mississippi River.

Our St. Louis sightseeing day we went to the St. Louis Zoo. It was a Monday so it was not busy but children on field trips. The zoo is free to enter. My personal favorite exhibt was the penguins because you walked into this building there were aquariums on each side of you and the penguins were jumping out and sitting right next to you. Really cool!!

We had some more time before we had to go to the airport so we went the the Arch. It was a little busy but while you wait they have a museum and gift shops. You take a little capsule up the arch. the whole ride takes about 2 minutes up. The views from up there were beautiful.

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